Development informed by appreciation of the natural environment & awareness of its ecological restraints. Design to achieve quality of life, fairness, equity and healthy future generations.



Architecture is dynamic; always evolving & shifting. It should challenge current conventions: thru material use, technological advancement, or by simply changing the landscape.


Adaptive Reuse

Reduce, reuse, recycle…and reclaim old sites & buildings. This decreases environmental impact, urban sprawl and material waste in landfills. Celebrate buildings that have already stood the test of time.



Quality housing must be accessible to all; including those who live below the median household income. It is the duty of public and private institutions to ensure this need is met.

Real Estate Developer, Consultant & PA Licensed Realtor

I see development as a team sport, requiring collaboration between a wide range of players and professional disciplines. Which is why I have spent over twenty years in the industry gaining hands-on experience in as many of them as possible. I’ve held roles within the fields of architecture, construction management, marketing & sales, contract law, property acquisition, zoning & permitting, property management, financing and investment.

Every day I further engage with the Philadelphia market as it rapidly expands in ways that are dramatically shifting the urban landscape. Currently I manage my own projects, represent both buyers and sellers as a licensed realtor, and consult for clients big and small to help them successfully meet their own development goals. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your own!

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